H2S Provincial Regulations

The full provincial regulations for your specific province will be addressed in your online training course – the regulations below are provided for reference purposes only and may not be as current as the course content.

Most enterprises fall under provincial jurisdiction for Health & Safety regulations, however some entities are not regulated by the province (because their operations typically cross provincial boundaries) but by the federal government. They are referred to as being under the Canada Labour Code or as “Federally Regulated”.

The following is the list of Federally Regulated operations:

  • Federal government and federal public services
  • Many Crown corporations and agencies
  • Banks
  • Railways, highway and air transport
  • Ferries, tunnels, bridges and canals
  • Telephone and telegraph systems
  • Pipelines
  • Radio and television broadcasting and cable systems
  • Interprovincial shipping and shipping services
  • Ships, trains and aircraft
  • Grain elevators licensed by the Canadian Grain Commission, and certain feed mills and feed warehouses, flour mills, and grain seed cleaning plants
  • First Nations reserves
  • Exploration and development of petroleum on federal land

In the event that your organization falls into one of the above categories, please refer to the Federal H2S Awareness knowledge base article.